Visual Treat At Ahmedabad Ni Gufa – Group Show By Romartika

Visual Treat At Ahmedabad Ni Gufa – Group Show By Romartika

From 11th to 16th July 2023


A Group Show of Paintings


Participating Artists:

Prakash Ambegaonkar, Nilanjana Roy, Sulochana Gawde, Shaikh Ahsan, Maitrry P Shah, Saranya Ganguly, Jagruti Kataria, Ratri Baksi, Mahendra Mithapara, Sudipta Adhikari, Mahendra Mithapara, Neetesh Misra, Jivani Vivek, Heena Paloba, Vinay Joshi, Kranti Desai, Gaurangi Mehta Shah, Rishi Baksi, Devayani Thakre, Soalona Singh, Saikat Baksi.


Ahmedabad Ni Gufa

Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus

CEPT campus, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Contact: +91 99995 34332

Timing: 4pm to 8pm

Wild Strokes – A Group Show By Romartika

This show is curated by ROMARTIKA ART DECODED.

A group show of paintings by twenty artists is being held at Ahmedabad ni Gufa between 11th to 16th July ’23.

As per the usual Romartika mission, most of the artworks on display at the show are

beyond any existing ‘-ism’ or convention. Mostly by emerging artists, the visual treat represents newness.

On 11th July afternoon, the show has been inaugurated by Art Historian Dipak Kannal, Renowned artist

Prakash Ambegaonkar, Founder of Eminent Art Gallery Abid Husain as well as Art Collector Kapil Sharma.

Guest artist Prakash Ambegaonkar’s paitings depict the universal ironies of human life in today’s world. Artist Shaikh Ahsan’s paintings are a curious blend of classical calligraphy and abstract expression.

Artist Kranti Desai’s abstracts depict a mystic spirit on canvas.

Devayani Thakre’s series of canvases depict the beauty and the struggle of gaining motherhood.

Nilanjana Roy’s paintings connect the spirit of the woman with that of natural elements, especially water, portraying the complete cycle of life in a sequence.

Vinay Joshi’s portraits of sages, old men, children as well as women from the villages of Rajasthan are an embodiment of the tradition, history and culture of Rajasthan.

Neetesh Misra’s surreal landscapes are captivating.

The frozen moments in Ratri Baksi’s photographs are compelling and poignant.

Sudipta Adhikari’s mystic landscapes beacon the viewer into a dreamland of beautiful fantasy.

Jagruti Kataria’s paintings capture the traditional spirit of the countryside.

Saranya abstracts display amazing interplay of colour and form.

Rishi Baksi’s paintings act like a shocker that breaks all convention. The hard hitting expressions carry a faint flavor of pop art.

Mahendra Mithapara’s life size paintings are testimony to classic depiction of indian art.

Jivani Vivek’s abstracts claim attention due to their uniqueness in form.

Heena Paloba brings in a soothing yet energetic spirit through her paintings.

Salona Singh’s artworks carry the fragrance of the flowers in his canvas.

Maitrry Shah’s artworks reflect her inviolable classical spirit.

Saikat Baksi’s artworks carry a cloud of  melancholy.

Gaurangi Shah’s expressionist canvases depict the deepest of the human mystery.

Sulochana Gawde’s depiction of stone sculptures on canvas come alive with a pulsating spirit.


Visual Treat At Ahmedabad Ni Gufa – Group Show By Romartika