After Fashion Industry Former Miss India Angelium Kaur Now Makes Her Mark In The Business World

After Fashion Industry  Former Miss India Angelium Kaur Now Makes Her Mark In The Business World

“If you have an idea, you have to believe in yourself or no one else will.” These words of famous Entrepreneur and Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar rightly highlights the need to believe in one’s aspirations to make their dream come true. Former Miss India, Angelium Kaur, has kept a never-give-up attitude as her life’s mantra. Her impeccable perseverance and unflinching confidence have helped her become one of the most successful people in the business world.

Angelium has demonstrated her talent to excel in one of the most competitive businesses like equity stocks and cryptocurrency. She has vigorously invested in rich bauxite mines at Kolhapur and Motal in the USA. Taking forward her learnings from the exposure, she is set to launch her import-trade brand, “AKaur”. Through AKaur, she seeks to set new performance standards in the industry through strategic capital investment and efficient operations. However, she aims to grow the business more than just operations. Through this venture, her mission is to promote indigenous products of the country at the international platform.

Apart from being a seasoned entrepreneur, she is also a certified International Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She describes yoga as a medium to bring perseverance, brilliance, and calmness to one’s life. As an instructor, she has embraced yoga as a way to channel one’s energy to get congruity in the chakras of one’s body. Without a doubt, Kundalini yoga is a means to bring harmony to mind, body, and soul. Thus, she aims to motivate as many young people to practice yoga regularly.

She also promotes pilates, weight training as it helps one to focus on the full body’s alignment, the ideal range of motion at the joints, and a balance of all opposing muscles. She opines that regular practice of this exercise helps attain top-notch core strength, build muscle tone, and increase body awareness and flexibility.

This empyreal diva has always charmed the fashion industry with her ethereal elegance and captivating aura. She has been featured on the cover page of leading fashion magazines like Femina, Asiana, Debonair and Fitnglam, Claire, and so on. In similar ambitious projects, she has worked with leading award-winning picture takers like Shivam Dua, Sohail Anjum, and so forth. No wonder she has worked with one of the greatest jewellery brands from London and other high-end fashion cities of the world today.

With her valiant demeanor and professionalism, Angelium has bagged some of the mega fashion projects in her portfolio. Over the years, she has maintained a perfect balance of glamour, Business sense, and Spirituality. Often, she is glammed up in exquisite attires that complement her ethereal beauty. To maintain her physique, she prefers to follow a raw vegetarian diet to detox her body every six months. She has successfully achieved her life goals in a world where most people only aspire. Her vibrant energy and positive mindset toward life have kept her pushing her limits. Indeed, she is a role model for countless women who want to spread their wings and aim to fly high.


After Fashion Industry, Former Miss India Angelium Kaur Now Makes Her Mark In The Business World