Dev Chouhan mount new song AA BHI JAA Launched on Music Hills Channel

Dev Chouhan being a common man started his journey from the world of dance in 2009 before that he was doing the job of car washing. Dev Chouhan was also a guide as he is from hill station where outsiders visit. Dev Chouhan was very found of outsiders and the work of guide, but the father did not loved the work much as father wanted the son to be educated and not to drop the school.

Dev Chouhan now needs to do something which Will give him name and fame. Dev Chouhan got selected for dance india dance in Delhi but at that time Dev Chouhan’s father passed away because of some Heath fetal issues. This gave a deep shock to Mr Dev which resulted in Dev giving up his dancing career for the sake of bread and butter. After ages his family convinced him to return into dancing career but this required some finance.

Dev Chouhan asked financial support from his friend, friend agreed to support but not financially. Finally Tenzin Kim Tsewang got him all the necessary props for dancing. This needed support and Family encouraged him which resulted in  him getting a chance in Zee TV Rajasthan Talent Hunt and got selected for first time on Indian television. After this victory he missed his father tremendously for not being with him at that particular moment. After this success Dev was called Multiple times as a judge in Dance shows and all.

Dev Chouhan was now a renowned dance choreographer who learned moves from “The Dharmesh” as well. Dev Chouhan choreographed album songs like etc and got a fame in his district. In the successful journey  of Dev Chouhan he thanks Tenzin Kim Tsewang and Family. ACTOR Dev Chouhan Also Associat Working Of Rajasthan FILm Academy.


Dev Chouhan mount new song AA BHI JAA Launched on Music Hills Channel