DANGEROUS Will Be India’s First Film For Sale As An NFT On Blockchain

DANGEROUS Will Be India’s First Film For Sale  As  An NFT On Blockchain

Ram Gopal Varma has a tendency to look at things differently – be it his camera angles, his take on controversial subjects  – and continuing in the same vein – he has now put his film upcoming film for sale as a Non Fungible Token (NFT) on Blockchain which can be purchased with any Fiat currency or cryptocurrencies.

NFT is a rapidly growing digital market place where everything and anything is selling at some price.

Varma’s film thus becomes the first in India to use this method for a  film’s release.

To put it in layman’s words, one can become a partner or buy the whole property of ‘DANGEROUS’ by investing in Danger Tokens. Any number of Danger Tokens can be bought to become a co-owner of the property and he/she would be entitled to the appropriate revenue sharing from all avenues in proportion to the investment, for perpetuity.

The maker of films like Satya, Company and Rangeela explains the rationale for film to be put up as an NFT sale.

“Regarding my foray into the crypto world and NFT market place I understood that there can be many parts to an entertainment product which can be made, which is where NFT comes in… This will PUSH THE LIMITS of how many types of ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTS can be made. For the 1st time ever in history, In a revolutionary method, my entertainment products will be now made, publicised,marketed and sold on Blockchain,” encrypts Varma.

The mercurial filmmaker explains the rationale keeping in mind the new age power of the digital platforms as well.  “In today’s times, film products are beyond race, colour, language and borders as what unifies all of them is human stories. Hence in today’s times, anyone from anywhere in the whole world can make a film targeting similar sensibilities anywhere else in the whole world. Unlike in the past where there were only cinemas and satellite tv, there are now so many more mediums and content makers are in a continuous dilemma about how to adapt to the rapidly changing technologies and their complex applications. This problem is now solved with blockchain technology by creating the largest and most participant-centric entertainment ecosystem. The plan is to decentralize and create an ecosystem with complete transparency by CHAINING all the concerned participants in the block,” adds Varma.

DANGEROUS is being billed as India’s 1st lesbian crime/action/love story since the honourable Supreme Court repealed section 377, thus making same-sex relationships legitimate. The film features beauty queens Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani in the lead in a Tricky Media Production of the Ram Gopal Varma offering.

Dangerous will be released in theatres and also on a streaming platform on a pay-per-view model. The revenues generated will be received by all the partners as per their investment ratios. It can be watched by paying in tokens or rupees or dollars or any other currency potentially including crypto and Danger Tokens.


For further details, visit:www.rgvdangertoken.com