Kavya Kiran Wonder Girl is Blooming in Bollywood Industry

Kavya Kiran Wonder Girl is Blooming in Bollywood Industry

Excusive News by RAJA SARFARAZ

Everything that has Emotion of art, Heritage and Aesthetics is Precious treasure of our society and its Nation especially.Girls these days are doing wonderful  from Earth to space, Science,technology,craftsmanship, Education,Medicine, Sports .Finding new inspirational stories we came across a New Wonder Girl Kavya Kiran a Self made Talent Crafted  as a skilled  Classical Dancer  and having an excellence in Acting now.Kavya  one of the Promising Actress not only Bollywood but Ollywood who is already Apple of eye to millions.Besides Acting and Dancing the wonder girl is in Timeline of TV commercials and Print Shoots as well Showcasing its diversity of Talent and being appreciated.

Kavya has not only brought Laurel to her family but her Native State and as a Youth Icon and one of the Top rated actress in regional Cinema as well. She has a long list of renowned Projects including some regional films as well as Bollywood films.

“RANG-E-ISHQ” (Hindi) on 24 April 2015

“RAMRATAN” (Hindi) released on 3rd Nov 2017

“RAHASHYA- The mystery within” (Odia) released on 14th Dec 2018

“3G (web series) released on 5th May 2019

“KHUSHI” (Odia) released on 23rd August 2019

“NASHA MENU CHAD GAYA” I have featured T Series promotional song for the movie called ‘ONE DAY-Justice Delivered’ released on 5th July 2019

“FAFUNDI “(Dilemma of Rape Victim) short film is released On Jan 2020.

“BETIYAN” I’m also part of Rajeev Walia’s ministry documentary song.

“RANJHANA” odia music vedio released on

“72 HOURS” (webseris) Taranga Production’s Odia web series Released on 27th March 2020

“RAGHU SARDAR”(Odia) released on 16th August 2021

Kavya Has completed several projects which will be released soon while speaking to here when asked about Upcoming projects she says”

Smiling ! well  “I have completed few interesting project which I want to come in-front of audience as soon as possible.It’s very challenging time to show your talent being an outsider!

one Sufi Music Videos music by Rishi Singh soon going to release in 2021. I’ve shot a feature film with Shukhwunder Singh it is titled “NARTAKEE” (Hindi) & PRANK- Webseris (Hindi) as well as Rajeeb Mohanty’s “BHOKA” (Odia) which is yet to release in front of the audience soon but is rather ll be seen in Film festivals.

About Up Next Kavya says

“I have a couple of interesting and content-driven projects in the pipeline which’ll start soon, I am doing Krishna Reddy’s DEVI (Hindi) it’s a bilingual film, I am shooting for two regional projects, One Short film called “Thirteen” & “Expose” web series based on politics”.

The super dedicated girl has no barriers in craftsmanship but follows the methodology of the character and works on it.

When asked about the Lockdown situation Kavya answers were far less than Covid made us strong especially in this tough time we made out inner temperament more Intense, learned a lot from it keeping her fitness at the top.

When asked about message for those who are in industry pr looking forward to joining it Kavya says:

“I want to make actors aware that, we should financially and mentally be strong before entering this industry because it’s very unpredictable, it may take a long time to get proper projects or characters, lots of actors failed to handle rejection! So internally we all need to b strong for those, who belong to small cities.

Such an inspiring story and an iconic remark of Odisha  Making Her family and Nation more Proud.


The Odia Girl is creating Magic with talent, beauty and Best Human Nature.