A unique Reality Show Hum Hain Gully Guys Boys and Girls Was Launched At The Press Club of Mumbai

A unique Reality Show  Hum Hain Gully Guys Boys and Girls  Was Launched At The Press Club of Mumbai

The organisers of the show are 2 kids Shams Rathod and Jayant Bagda.

In view of the increasing popularity of reality shows, a unique type of reality show “Hum Hai Gully Guys Boys & Girls”was launched in Mumbai. The special thing about this talent hunt show is that its organisers are 2 children Shams Rathod and Jayant Bagda. The press conference of this reality show was organised in the Press Club of Mumbai where a large number of media was present.

This Talent Hunt India 2021) upcoming fashion show will give a chance to all types of artists. Free registration can be done to participate in this. There will be no age limit to participate in this and there is no take, no retake and no audition. This unique fashion show will include ramp walk, reality show, choreography, photoshoot, make over, grooming.

Organizer Shams Rathod told that this show will continue for 3 days. So if you are an artist then you register and take advantage of this golden opportunity.There will be free registration in this event to be held for 3 days, audition will not be taken. The show will take place in a big resort or five star hotel in Mumbai.

The show Bigg Boss, which is being anchored by Salman Khan, is decided after 3 months while the finale of Hum Hain Gully Guys will be held in 3 days with grooming.

Many people associated with this reality show were present at the launch. Apart from the organisers children Shams Rathod and Jayant Baghda, Nadeem Sheikh, Priya Baghda, Iqbal Vora, Priya Rathod, Nitin Tayde (President Maria Cricket Academy Azad Maidan), Mushtaq Chanawala (Vice President) were present.

This reality show has a different concept in itself where it is happening for the first time that two underage kids are organizing such a fashion show, ramp walk. The confidence that was visible in the words of both the children, Shams and Jayant, seemed to have made a lot of preparations. Although he said that his parents will be very supportive in this whole matter, because parents have encouraged him a lot and we want talent from all over the country to participate in this competition, our team will hone his talent and make him perform. will provide the platform for

Priya Bagda said that the winners of this reality show will also be given a chance to act in music videos and films to be produced under the banner of Priya Films Cine Vision. To participate in Priya Films Cine Vision Presents Hum Hain Gully Guys and to get more information on this matter, you can visit this website to see the details.



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