Top 5 Staycations Near Mumbai You Must Visit Now

Top 5 Staycations Near Mumbai You Must Visit Now

Mumbai: After months of home isolation, we all deserve a quality break. Now that most companies are allowing you to work from home, you can finally take a staycation wherever you want. The current situation only allows us to visit places in close proximity, weekend staycations are the best alternative. So, here are the top 5 staycations to visit that are near Mumbai.

Fariyas Resort :

Overlooking the beautiful Frichley Hills; Fariyas Resort in Lonavala presents outdoor water theme park along with indulging spa treatments. It has well-decorated rooms with wonderful views of the mountain from private balconies. This place is a very good option for quality time with family. Offering the best accommodation with the finest service and friendly staff, you will have no complaints from this place. This resort is a paradise for food lovers.

Nirvana Realty :

At Nirvana Signature Resorts, soak up the golden rays and unwind in our aesthetically designed themed oasis, surrounded by surreal lush greenery & panoramic vistas of the riverside. Lounge in private riverside accommodations or revel in electrifying dining and nightlife as sensational music plays through the landscaped grounds of the resort. They have also developed custom-built Royale Pool Villas at Wollywood, Wada & Viroha, Dahanu. Apart from having all the luxuries of modern spaces, these pool villas also will enjoy the security and safety of a gated community, easy accessibility and are going to be surrounded by hills and a babbling river. Their resort offers 100+ glam riverside rooms, featuring exceptional design and experiences accentuated by panoramic views of the hills & riverside.

Della Resorts:

Della Resorts is the ultimate getaway destination located in the verdant landscapes of Lonavala. This five-star, luxury resort offers guests a one-of-its-kind experience, coupling luxury with impeccable service and world-class amenities. Within its sprawling complex set on about 50 acres, Della offers 6 different resort properties A range of restaurants, bar lounges and even a nightclub, all offering the finest food and beverage, will keep guests well-entertained, and the property’s 50 private gardens ensure that guests will feel ensconced in lush greenery throughout their stay.

The Machan Resorts:

This exclusive eco-friendly resort located in Lonavala offers you a unique and luxurious stay in a treehouse. With spectacular wood-and-glass decks hoisted on trees, The Machan gives you the most dramatic stay in the region. Pick from the several well-furnished machans for a weekend to remember. Those not comfortable with heights can opt for the cabins. The Jungle Machans truly put a new spin on the term “tree-house”. With trees sprouting from the floor and going through the roof, the feeling of being one with nature is fully encapsulated in our Jungle Machans.

Upper Deck Resort:

Overlooking the Valvan Reservoir and also the stunning Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala, The Upper Deck Resort like the name says, is situated at an elevated height of 2500 feet. This resort is the perfect choice for those looking for solace and comfort away from the city life. This resort welcomes you to pristine skies, with views of beautiful valleys and gigantic mountains.


The flora and fauna found around the resort are similar to those found all over the western ghats of India, and make for interesting viewing.