Spiritual Guru’s Kind and Noble Gesture – Sri Jagatguru Extends His Hand For Cremation Of The Dead

Spiritual Guru’s Kind and Noble Gesture – Sri Jagatguru Extends His Hand For Cremation Of The Dead

Hapur:  Garhmukteshwar in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh state found a spiritual guru – Sri Jagatguru coming forward for cremation of the dead bodies found floating in the river Ganga. Weeks before, the scary news of several decomposed and bloated bodies in the river had rocked the nation. Multiple instances of dead bodies found buried along the banks of the river have also come to the fore from parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Many believed that the bodies were of the people who succumbed to Covid-19. Reports also suggested that the bodies were dumped in the river due to the high cost of expenditure on funeral.

There seems to be no relief from the miseries as the second wave of coronavirus pandemic rages across the country. Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru was moved by the plight and the suffering. He without making it public initiated the movement for cremation of dead bodies.

Urging to speak about it, the diffident Sri Jagatguru says, “Hundreds of bodies were found flowing in the Ganges required a decent burial.  I felt they deserve help for their respectable last rites. We, through our Sri Sri Santoshi Baba Foundation provided free wood and other materials needed for the cremation held at the ancient and distinctive pilgrimage centre of Garhmukteshwar (Brijghat) in Hapur. We are ready to help more and more people across the nation who have lost their loved ones and are deprived to perform their last rites. A committee has been formed to streamline all its requirements. We are also open to people who wish to join us in this noble endeavor. Plans are also afoot to buy ambulances wich will be an added help.”

A pious devotee of Santoshi Mata, the goddess of satisfaction, he further adds, “The Covid-19 pandemic has tested everyone and has made everyone suffer in their own way. The kind of uncertainty we are all going through is tough to handle. The losses themselves are varied, ranging from the literal deaths of our near and dear ones. I won’t list out the blows it has dealt with.”

A follower of Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru states, “In this hour of grief and miseries Sri Jagatguru’s stepping forward for cremation of these dead bodies is indeed a kind gesture towards humanity. More than 1,000 quintals of timber and other requisite materials have been provided which might have had more than 200 burials.

It is a known fact that the name of the town Garhmukteshwar is derived from the temple of Mukteshwar Mahadeva, dedicated to the goddess Ganga who is worshipped there in four temples. While Brijghat is known for famous temples like Vedant Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Amrit Parasar amongst others…

Spirituality comes from realization and thus holds a significant place in India’s divine culture which has great learned personalities. Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru hails from a Brahmin family in Uttarkhand.

He is an accomplished spiritual guru and yogi who have strong belief in:  Visualization to be a valuable spiritual tool; Will power for the ability to direct energy to achieve a desired goal; Concentration to focus flow of attention and energy towards the task and achieve success and Positive attitude for lifting energy and consciousness. The guru also believes in CSR (corporate social responsibility) by helping the poor and downtrodden communities He has also bagged a gold medal in ‘astrology’ and ‘energy therapies’.