International Fashion Stylist And Wardrobe Image Consultant – Veronica Jackson

International Fashion Stylist  And  Wardrobe Image Consultant –  Veronica Jackson

The 25 years old stylist has quickly built a reputation in the world of fashion for being more than just a stylist. The Florida native has already solidified a name as a creative director and innovative artist, Strategist  and collaborator among well respected colleagues in the industry. Seamlessly transforming her clients image, She helps each one develop into a brand of their own, with sense of style unique to each personality.

Career :

As a style and body shape expert, Veronica has keen eye for identifying strengths and weaknesses in every form, and is well equipped with the tools to dress her clients, both on and off the carpet , in smart, bold choices that only enhance individuality. Her educated decisions, creative outlook, warm personality and well balanced sense of teamwork enable her to excel during collaborations. Unique ability of combining her artistic sense with strategic choices to artistically transform the vision of clients, editors, and photographers into a tangible reality.


She is specialised in red carpet, editorial, commercial and advertisement styling , in addition to image consulting for both men or women. Her clients list includes much young Bollywood artists, International models, Youtubers Etc.

She continues to create buzz for her clientele with fashion forward and avant grade looks.