Actor Rajkumar Khurana Who Won The Best Actor At The Hollywood International Talent Show Does Not Want To Be In One Image

Actor Rajkumar Khurana  Who Won The Best Actor At The Hollywood International Talent Show  Does Not Want To Be In One Image

Rajkumar Khurana is an actor who is in the news about his character from Bollywood to South films. Not only that, now he is going to get his acting in Hollywood too.  In the film ‘The Great Sultana’, he is in the headlines for his role. In this film of the producer Deepak Abhua, Rajkumar Khurana is playing the challenging character of the English officer who has a double shade. Apart from this, Rajkumar Khurana is another film ‘Curtain’ which will soon  To be released, another film Startup is also slated for release along with the film.  Shooting of another Rajkumar Khurana film ” Anokha Insaf”  is going to start in Rajasthan from this month, in which he is being described as a very strong character.

Rajkumar Khurana, who has been a success in the world of acting for the last 20 years, is also earning a name in the world of table tennis. He has also won the gold medal and bronze medal in 2019 as a table tennis player.  Present time he is  coach of youngster  table tennis academy Delhi.

Rajkumar Khurana, who was influenced by Rajesh Khanna’s acting style, started his acting career in theater.  Then Mohammad Aziz Qureshi’s serial ‘Super Six’ showcased his performance. He never looked back after this.  Worked in many popular serials of Doordarshan including ‘Sau Baat Ki Ek Baat’, Ek samay Ki Baat, Ek anar sau bimar , purane log naya jamana, Umang Tarang, Murga kishto me , Doctor Biwi, Narak houseful, Filamonia, Social in addition to many serials  Not only has he played the lead character in tele films like Jagriti, Sabak, Yeh sunahre pal  on Issu, but has also modeled for several magazines and advertising films.

Talking about Rajkumar Khurana’s films, ‘The University-Vishvavidhyalay, Ganga ke paar, Nakhoon, Mrityabhoj, Main Tera Aashiq Deewana, Bhayanak Cheekh,

Sant Maharshi Rama Rao etc ..Rajkumar Khurana is also playing the lead role in Vada Nibhunga and Maria-The Murder Mystery.Recently released ‘Mughalsarai Junction’, in which his work was highly appreciated.  He is also playing the role of Crime Branch Officer in ‘Game of 100 Crores’,  the film ‘Arange Marriage’ Rajkumar khurana is playing very important role with bollywood famous actor    Gulshan .  Apart from Hindi, Rajkumar Khurana has also worked in South’s Tamil films ‘Perfume’ and Wake Up. Not only that, his footsteps have reached Hollywood as well. He is doing  Dr. Ilham Madani’s hollywood film Phynix Women’ and Sunil Babbar’s Hollywood film ‘Count 10’.  This is a huge achievement in Rajkumar Khurana’s career, not only that Rajkumar Khurana has also got the title of Best Actor at the Hollywood International Talent Show in 2020, which makes him very excited.


Rajkumar Khurana says that an artist  I want to work in every kind of film without any image.