Neha Prasad Kamat Pai An Author And Social Activist Winner Of IAWA Women’s Achievers Award SDP

Neha Prasad Kamat Pai An Author And Social Activist Winner Of IAWA Women’s Achievers Award SDP

Being women I always feel it’s very easy to love someone but not easy to  love self the happiest women are not married one single one or with stable career they are one who made up choice to love themselves wholly and truelywomen who choose to leave past behind work on self esteem and put high price tag line on their self esteem and stopped playing victims .chooses to be fined by their present but not bitter past.ablnd be happy and not take any validation from anyone ….

One very good thing what journey of life has given lesson is ..

what can money not buy?

It’s very good to have money and buy everything that we can buy by money.but its good to checkup you have not lost those things what money cannot buy…

(1) Respect, (2) Health, (3) Happiness, (4) peace, (4) love, (5) Relationships.

Women have been chained with responsibility of family and stopped to live for self desire ….and if she choose to live for herself women feels scared of blacklashas if she has done something wrong guilty for living for self desire .it takes long spiritual way to realize these are  false message we women treat for ourselves if we respect ourselves create the dignity our children begins to learn to honour and we as mother deserve it remember woman’s our sons and daughters are watching us so we need to be defined ourselves with self love and respect ourselves…

I love to pen down thought.  So my first book is for women hood.

Women in me is dedicated to womenhood  who dream   but stop themselves from  making it true want to do lots of things but don’t have time stuck  being housewives… Book will inspire all women to be idle for there daughters.


Even in today’s day and age, there are many women who get struck in their roles as housewives and don’t go after their dreams. This book will inspire these women to be all they can be…