Press Meet Of Mr And Miss Filmora Fashion Reality Show Season-1

Press Meet Of  Mr And  Miss Filmora  Fashion Reality Show Season-1

Mumbai: Maya Nagri, the country’s biggest and first ‘Mr & Miss Filmora’ fashion reality show, season 1, lit a deep lamp in Mumbai, the chief guest of the show, actress Anjali Pandey, Hamid Ali Bollywood director,  Sachin Yadav Bollywood Director, judge of the show Tanya Pirzada Fashion Designer, Mala Mansukhani Fitness Trainer and Fashion Designer, Pooja Mathur Tarot Master, Dr. Sureena Rane Malhotra, Veer Chaudhary, Au  And choreographers Shahil Dubey and Row Desai, anchor Pari Chandok Rahi, tell you that Anjali Pandey’s film issue 370 is released on this Friday, the film is getting the love and blessings of the audience, which is clear on Anjali Pandey’s face  Appeared.

It may be noted that through this show, talented young men and women got a chance to show their talent, all the finalists were freshers but their intentions were high. ‘Mr & Miss Filmora’ CMD Akhilesh Singh told that the show was aimed at talented young men and women.  Giving a great achievement in the world of Glamor, he told that if youth give right direction to their career, and do their work with full honesty and self-respect, then success will be  Be in action.


Let me tell you that Divya Shinde, winner of ‘Mr & Miss Filmora’ Fashion Reality Show Season 1, and Pooja Yadav, the first runner-up, Swarnima Gupta, the second runner-up, and Sanjeev Sharma, the winner in Male, Ashu Verma, first runner-up  The second runner-up was performed by Rahul Ojha, the show choreographer Shahil Dubey and Row Rowe Desai, as well as Mumbai’s celebrating fashion designer Tanya Pirzada’s costumes by young men and women wearing Ramwalk Kia, Evin  Girls gown was gorgeous, he had something to say to all of these, see the full report.