Mobile Phone Is Literally Cooking Your Sperm

Mobile Phone Is Literally Cooking Your Sperm

“Mobile Phone is literally cooking your Sperm.”


We all agree with the fact that Mobile is creating Menace in our lives, research shows that carrying phone in pocket causes decrease in antioxidant, leading to DNA damage, decrease in Sperm count and many other enormous hazards, knowing the dependence of new era towards new media communication and its tool we can’t deny the importance of Smart Phone in our daily life.

We cannot stop using phone, what we can do is to get ourselves shielded from the harmful effect of Mobile Radiation. With extensive research and analysis, we are happy to have introduce something that is towards safety, wellness and protection.

We are here to shield you and your loved ones from the harmful effect of radiations. We are here and take care and make UAE radiation Safe. Made in collaboration with Ionic Radiation Solutions Inc. USA, Radiule Mobile Smart Patch will block radiation.

 “Do you know that mobile Phone radiation can damage your brain cells”

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  • Bhupendra Bagla – General Manager (UAE)