Main Amar Ho Gaya –  a tribute to the Martyrs : Apara Mehta

Mumbai, 25 January 2018:  Bollywood patriotic songs have always been liked. These songs are inspired by the martyrs who gave their lives for the country and introduces the youth with splendid diversities of the country and sometimes awakens the inner zeal towards patriotism.

On the occasion of 69th Republic day of the country, a patriotic single “Main Shaheed Ho Gaya” is having a grand launch in Mumbai attended by Guest of honor known actress Apara Mehta along with Bhavesh Bhanushali, Hiren Bhanushali, director Sudhir D. Tandel and music director Shivram . This song is dedicated to the martyr’s soldiers, who lost their lives while protecting our country on the borders and it’s a tribute to them from the Bhavesh Bhanushali and Hiren Bhanushali.

Singer and actor Bhavesh Bhanushali have also acted in this music video. He will be seen in a very promising role in the song. Famous actress Sudha Chandran, Hiren Bhanushali and Bhavesh Bhanushali have also acted in this music video.

In this song, Sudha Chandran would be seen as a mother of a soldier who gives away his life while fighting the war to protect the country and Hiren Bhanushali is playing the role of the soldier. It’s a very emotional video in which there is a prosperous and happy family feels proud of their soldier son and one day receives tragic news of martyrdom of their son. Martyr’s mother, father, sister and wife feel proud of him for giving away his life to protect the country but they are also sad from inside as they have lost their son, a brother and a husband for forever. In this video Hiren is trying to consol his family that he is not a martyr but became an immortal. Lyrics of the songs are very beautiful, they talk about memories of childhood of Hiren when he is growing in the lapel of his mother and father, mischief’s and sharing jokes with sister and also some romantic moments with his wife.  All the members of the family become emotional while remembering all those moments but Hiren is trying to explain his family that he had to lay down his life for the country and he is not a martyr but he became an immortal. He has left the lapel of his mother and now resting in peace for the sake his country.

Emotional lyrics of the song “I am immortal” are written by singer Sanjay Mishra and musician Shivram. Music video is directed by Sudhir D. Tandel and edited by Chaitanya. On the grand launch of this song, Bhavesh Bhanushali said, ‘this is an endeavor to tribute the brave soldiers. Soldiers also have their own family and happiness, but they leave everything and give away their lives to protect the country. I salute to our country’s brave soldiers.”

–Ashwani Shukla(Altair Media)