Producer Rakesh Sabharwal as Jury Member for Being Tusshar Dhaliwal – Mrs India Universe 2017 – Grand Crown Launch Celebration.

Producer and Distributor Rakesh Sabharwal was Jury member at the audition and celebration of successful event of Crown Launching of “Mrs India Universe 2017”. The event was organised by ‘Being Tushar Dhaliwal’ and ‘Archana Tomar’. The celebration was attended by lots of media person and mainly by Manish Luthra, Ruchi Narula, Priyanka Pol, Himani Deshwal, Anjali Rajput, Astrologer Pawan Kaushik, Arti Nagpal, Neetu Wadhwa, rap singer Raghav Sacher, singer Arvinder Singh and many more. On this occasion Ruchi Narula, Priyanka Pol and Himani Deshwal were specially honored for thereparticipation in “Mrs Universe” contest in Durban City of South Africa.

Video Of The Event

Glimpses Of The Event