Vicky Ranawat started as an assistant to top South director S.A. Chandrashekhar during the making of AZAAD DESH KE GHULAAM and also acted in a cameo role. He later came to Mumbai and was associated with the vetaran filmmaker K.C. Bokadia for more than fifteen years . He turned independent director with 15th AUGUST in 1994 and has made more than a dozen films till date viz.HASEENA with Raj Babbar and Isha Khopikar,NYAYDATA with Dharmendra, Jaya Prada,Mukesh Rishi and others,KAABOO with Faisal Khan,brother of Aamir Khan, DEEWANA SANAM for T. Series with Rajat Bedi and Inder Kumar,DAL THE GANG,JWAALA DAAKU,QAYAMAT HI QAYAMAT,SATYA SAI BABA with Anup Jalota as Satya Sai Baba which is yet to release and JAI BOLO BEIMMAN KI which is 60% completed. Vicky has also directed more than 250 video albums  and will soon launch two more films shortly. He has completed  HASEENA , the title which has been permenantly registered for his banner as he feels that this title has a universal appeal for the youth and the film is all set for release on 27th October all over.Excerpts from a brief chat with Mohan Ayyer.

What is the story line of HASEENA ?

Haseena is a beautiful and glamorous girl played by Inayatt Sharma who seduces young boys and robs them of their riches. The film will also depict the story of three young college students who are on the threshold of experiencing sex and how they fantasise about Haseena  with whom they  enjoy individually which can be experienced on the big screen only as experiencing a sex fantasy is better seen visually and not told like a story.

Dont you feel that sex fantasies can be very risky for the big screen as they have to face the censors too?

I have not crossed the limits of sex and I have only tried to depict the minds of the youth who are craving for sex. I have aesthetically shot the intimate scenes between Inayatt Sharma and the three boys. I have also shown how people can be fooled by a con girl easily. The film has comedy and very good songs too. I have made   the film to entertain the paying audiences.

How was the experience   while shooting for HASEENA ?

After I finalised the cast of the film, I did a workshop with all the actors and it became very easy for me shoot the scenes which required a lot of improvisation. All the three boys Mohit Arora,Ankur Verma and Arpit Soni worked very hard and I am repeating all of them in my next film too. We have shot the film in Mumbai, Future Studio,Udaipur and Goa locales. Jeetendra Vaghadia who is presenting the film has also cooperated with me very well and he also likes the film industry very much besides being in the construction business.

 Was it a great challenge giving the title role of HASEENA to Inayatt Sharma ?

Inayatt Sharma gave me a very good FIRST LOOK when I made her look glamorous in my own way and cameraman Gagreen Mishra was also pleased with my choice. Later, she became the topic of hot discussion on the sets and I knew that I have done the right thing of placing my faith in Inayatt Sharma. I think she is definitely a very hot actress who also can act well. Whoever has seen the film are praising her sky high.  My main aim for making HASEENA was to bring a lot of enjoyment for the masses and the youth.

You have always been making films with a reasonable budget and is known for making films in quick time ?

Each and every penny of my producer should come back so that he can make another film. I have always made films within the budget and never done extravagant things which makes the films lose money on the table. If I make any film, I also see the recovery aspects and also the safety of my distributers so that they can also earn.