Imran Hasnee’s Directorial HIGH TIDE Promises To Be An Edge-Of-The Seat Thriller

Imran Hasnee’s Directorial HIGH TIDE Promises To Be An Edge-Of-The Seat Thriller

Actor-Director Imran Hasnee and Producer Prashant Singh’s suspense thriller film High Tide trailer was launched, amid the presence of special guests, actress Megha Joshi and Costume Designer Xebina Hasnee. Also present was the entire cast of the film.

Actor Imran Hasnee, who has worked with Irrfan Khan in the Bollywood film ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ and with Rishi Kapoor in D Day, has now added another feather to his cap. He has turned a director as well. The trailer of Imran Hasnee’s upcoming film High Tide was unveiled today in A.J.Studio, Mumbai.

High Tide’s producer Prashant Singh addressed the media along with the film’s cast which included Imran Hasnee who has directed this film as well, and has also played the lead role in this suspense thriller film. This is the story of the struggle of a man who gets caught in a challenging situation where it is hard to say anything about surviving his life. With every passing moment, the gap between life and death is getting shorter.

Apart from Imran Hasnee, Dadhi R Pandey, Taruna Singh, Sudhakar Mani, Megha Joshi, Adnan Hasani, Amit Sinha and Navi Rautela have also played important roles in the film.

“High Tide is a different cinema, a survival drama which has been well directed by Imran Hasnee,” revealed Prashant Singh, the film’s producer who is also the music composer of this suspense thriller flick. The film has a theme song “Ae Aasman Wale” that is written by Shakeel Azmi and sung by Krishna Beuraa which depicts the helplessness of the person who is questioning the almighty’s creation of humanity, with problems and difficulties in life..

Actor-director Imran Hasnee said,” The concept of this film is quite different and it is the story of the high tide in someone’s life that is laterally depicted alongside in this film,” further adding, “Since our film is of the suspense genre, a thriller cinema, I cannot reveal the story but I assure you that it is an engaging film.”

HIGH TIDE has been shot in Phulpur, Prayagraj, Pratappur and Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. The Costume designer Xebina Hasnee mentioned, “I was briefed that designing the costumes for this film would be quite a challenge as its subject is dark. I welcomed this challenge and you can notice that Imran Hasnee’s character and his look are also quite different and realistic.”

High Tide, produced by Prashant Singh and directed by Imran Hasnee will release in theaters by the end of this month.


Imran Hasnee’s Directorial HIGH TIDE Promises To Be An Edge-Of-The Seat Thriller