Writer- Poet  Poojashree is struggling to bring goodwill messages to the society through literature

Writer- Poet  Poojashree is struggling to bring goodwill messages to the society through literature

Meera of literature : POOJASHREE  Writer – Poet

PoojaShree, who trampled the scorching sands of Rajasthan and reached Mumbai ,The Mayanagari, while preserving the art and culture of India in her literature Poojashree, who has created more than 18 books in both Hindi and Rajasthani languages, was born on March 29, 1951. Since childhood, Poojashree, who has given form to thoughts, feelings with her words, is a literary gem in the Master of Arts. She has full authority over Hindi, Sanskrit, Rajasthani and Urdu  languages. At the same time, she holds the highest position in today’s Hindi literature. Poojashree boldly does not hesitate to attack the evils, policies of the society with her writing and continues her literary journey.

‘Panghat’ (poetry collection), ‘Rekhain’ (poetry collection), ‘Rat Hai Ratnalia’ (Rajasthani Poetry Collection), ‘Nari If Chahte Toh’ (story collection), ‘Mere Aaradhya’ (devotional poetry collection), ‘Desh Me’ (Desh Bhakti Songs), ‘Ram Katha and Tulsidas’ (Prose and Poetry), ‘Pranay Parag’ (Poetry Collection), ‘Pseudovesh’, ‘Olakh Ra Ujiara’ (Rajasthani Story Collection), ‘Shubh Mangal’ (Rajasthani Poetry Collection), ‘Tishnagi’ (Nazm Collection), ‘Rosni Ri Sui’ (Rajasthani Poetry Collection), ‘Zindagani Ri Jogan’ (Rajasthani Poetry Collection), ‘Abhilasha’ (Saras Akhand Poetry), ‘Melo’ (Rajasthani), Many books like ‘Vande Mataram Children’s Literature, Children’s Literature’ (Rajasthani), ‘Satyamev Jayate’ (Hindi), and ‘Yog Kaval’  by Poojashree have reached the readers. Three other books of Poojashree are under publication at present.

Considering her authorship quality, Sahitya Award by Manas Sangam (Kanpur), Smt. Jai Devi Shukla Award by National Spirit Memorial, Janpadiya Award for Rajasthani Songs and Sahitya Shree Award by Manav Kalyan Sangh (Sahitya Lok), Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. , Public honor by Hum Sab Sanstha (Thane, Maharashtra), Kavitri Mahadevi Varma Award by Akhil Bharatiya Sahikar Abhinandan Samiti (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh), Letter of Honor by Sahityakar Sammelan (Ujjain), Munshi Premchand Sahitya Puruskar by Maharashtra State Sahitya Akademi, Narayani Sahitya The Academy (Delhi) has been honored with Narayani Samman and many other awards. Poojashree, who has been published in all the major newspapers and magazines of the country and abroad, read her first stage work on the soil of Mumbai and is known as Meera of Literature. Poojashree struggled a lot to spread the message of service, dedication, cooperation and goodwill through literature and her struggle continues even today.

According to Poojashree today English is dominated. In  today’s era, Hindi literature seems to be coming out of the courses… This is not a good sign. I have dedicated my time, life and everything to literature. I wish that the message-oriented literature reaches the readers.


I wish  to  serve the society through literature untill my last breath….