Gandi Baat Season 4 Fame Actress Avantika Mishra Thanks To Ekta Kapoor

Gandi Baat Season 4 Fame Actress Avantika Mishra Thanks To Ekta Kapoor

Get ready to see Avantika Mishra’s different looks in 2020

In Bollywood, there are problems in making the identity for the out siiders, but it is said that if the intention is clear, through the hard work destination can be achieved. Actress model and dancer Avantika Mishra also had trouble getting work initially, but on the basis of her talent, she has finally made a place in the industry. Millions of viewers know Avantika Mishra through Ekta Kapoor’s, Alt Balaji’s show Gandi Baat. For this, Avantika is thankful to Ekta Kapoor that she got an opportunity to work in a web series like this.

Let me tell you that Avantika has been in Mumbai since 2015 and has worked in films and many shows. She has acted in several films such as “Auto Romance in Mumbai”, “One Night Out” and “English Ki Taen Taen Fish”. She has done theater from JNU and has ten years of experience working in plays. Avantika has also done many music videos and cover songs.

“I faced some problems when I came to Mumbai, because I feel that the experience of the theater and the experience of the industry is a little different. Whatever happens in the theater is in front of the audience, whereas the work in the industry is different. It all happens in front of the camera. Initially you are not used to it, then slowly you get used to it, you start working.I would like to say that Mumbai is very safe city.” Says Avantika.


Avantika Mishra is busy with many new projects in the new year and is ready to show her fans her different look, so be ready to see some different shades of avantika in 2020.