Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2019 – Best Youtuber – Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana who has recently crossed a whopping millions of followers on YouTube. His channel has over 13.6 million+ endorsers with 880 million+ perspectives. His channel is chiefly hit because of his Haryanvi emphasize and his elite discoursed. His song “PRICHAY” is record breaking song of the year 2019, Within first three hours the song got 2 Million+ Views, 500k Likes including well wishers comment of more than 100k. And while breaking records his song “PRICHAY” got 2 Million+ Likes in just six days and broke all the latest records in India’s Music Industry. The lyrics are the main strong point of the song and is written by Amit Bhadana himself with singer IKKA.

He is the most demanded and India’s most followed individual creator of India. His vines and stories are famous because he always appreciate the Desi culture.


DadaSaheb Phalke Award  – This year he is receiving this award for best YouTube Creator of India. Everytime Amit create milestone in India’s Digital space including all social and digital media platforms. He is always humble with all his fans and always appreciate fans & team efforts. He always talk his fans on Instagram.

People usually see only one side of the successful people that is, only success. But, the actual reality is entirely different. They don’t know about the struggles and sacrifices that the person has gone through to which they are admiring.

Success is not a one-night thing, you dreamed about it and got it the very next day. Success is a continuous process. One has to sacrifice many things to be successful. One has to sacrifice his friends, family, fun, etc. at many times.

Success is a continuous process. One has to grind himself and be persistence and right to himself to be successful.

Today, Amit Bhadana is one of the biggest Youtuber in India, and he had gone through many struggling times to achieve this.

In an interview, Amit Bhadana once said, “I have to do something different from what others are doing to be successful because they’re already many people out there who were also cracking jokes and doing comedy very well.”

Early life:

Amit Bhadana was born on 7th September 1994 in a village, Joharipur near Delhi. Amit Bhadana was a brilliant student in his student life and always scores good marks. He loves to entertain and make the people laugh from his childhood onwards.


Amit Bhadan comes from a middle-class family. Amit Bhadana lost his father at a very young age in 1999. It was not easy for any child to get out of this but, he managed to somehow get out of that pain. His uncle and grandmother grow him. There was also a day when he was playing cricket, and his uncle destroyed his bat in anger. That day, Amit cried a lot and left playing cricket. He is the elder boy of his family with lots of responsibilities.

How did his Youtube Journey start?

After completing his schooling and graduation, Amit took admission in a Law College and started pursuing his law degree. During his holidays after his first year, he dubbed a video and uploaded on Facebook for fun. When he again logged in into facebook after a particular time, he saw that there were many likes and kind comments on his video.

After this little success, the friends of Amit Bhadana praised and motivated him to make more video like this. After the friends of Amit Bhadana persuaded him to make more videos, he made several other videos also and uploaded them on Facebook. All his Facebook got a positive response from the people and went viral. He then made a dub of the movie ‘Border’ which was a substantial viral on Facebook and got more than a million views.

After seeing such an overwhelming response from the people, Amit Bhadana decided to make a little better and different content which people can watch with their families.

At first, Amit Bhadana was a little afraid of showing his face in his videos. But, after a bit of motivation from his friends, he decided to appear in his video.

To do something unique, he started to speak in the Gujari language and was praised and liked by a lot of people. But, there were many people also who didn’t like Amit’s comedy style and said to him to stop making these videos and focus only on his studies. But, despite of all these negativity, Amit decided to continue making these videos and spread love and happiness through them. He was focusing on his studies also along with the videos.

Many people left a thing to do another one, but, we can learn from Amit Bhadana that it is all a matter of time management and passion for something that automatically manages everything. It is not easy to focus on the studies and hobby/passion at the same time but, Amit did this possible.

Amit does most of the stuff of his videos himself like script writing, dialogues, and video editing. His fan-base ranges from small children to aged people also.

In a time, when saying vulgar words for comedy has become a trend, Amit Bhadana never uses these kinds of words in his video, and this is probably one of the main reasons for his success.

There were many times when his family members opposed his decision of making videos because they want Amit to get a good job and they don’t consider making videos as a good thing. But, Amit managed to face all this opposition and continued to spread smiles over the face of millions through his videos.

He also said that most of his characters in his videos were evolved from his friends and relatives. He said that he has a friend named Avinash, and he inspired many of his characters.

He didn’t want to become a Judge or a lawyer but studied Law only because of the pressure from his family to excel in studies.

But, due to his hard work, determination and will power to excel in life made him become one of the best Youtuber of India.

His story has proved that any obstacle and naysayers of life and be beaten by hard work and self-confidence.