Yeh Suhaagraat Impossible Films Poster Launched In Mumbai

Poster launch of, Yeh Suhaagraat Impossible,   was held in the presence of the producer Jayesh patel, Narendra Patel director of the film, with all the star cast.

Abhinav Thakur directed the media about the film, that honeymoon is the happiest moment of every couples life. The two souls thinks of a happy marriage in the form of a life and lost in the world of dreams this night.

Before there is a mix of two varieties at the time of honeymoon, there is a conversation between a husband and wife suddenly, which changes the picture of the honey and makes their honeybees impossible in a way. Suddenly what happened that night it was impossible to celebrate honeymoon It means to say that the movie ‘Yeh Suhaagraat Impossible’ starts with a bed and then passes through several halves.


The film’s director Abhinav Thakur says that honeymoon does not mean that the content of the film is bold. This is a comedy drama that every family should watch. Especially for those boys and girls who decide to marry without hesitation, in a hurry. The film gives the message that marriage is a lifelong relation, not a guddy doll game. Jayesh Patel, Narendra Patel the producer of this film made under the banner of Piecewing Production Pvt Ltd, has made two short films before this. This is his first Hindi film as a producer.

On the other hand, director Abhinav Thakur has also made 25 short films. He has also got the Presidential Award. Earlier, Abhinav has made a Hindi movie ‘Junko’. which has come to digital. If you talk about Starcast, then Pratap Saurabh, Preetyka Cahuhan, Pradeep Sharma and Aloknath pathak play an important role in ‘yeh Suhaagraat Impossible’. Pratap Saurabh Singh is ready to celebrate Suhaagraat with Preetyka Chauhan, playing the character of Devika in the form of Satyaprakash but suddenly a turning point comes in the film, and after that the girl who wants to get married and marrying on the film comedy track will get a special Passes the message.