The audience in the two day LIC’s “Rooh-e-Ghazal” concert were spell bound; captivated by the magic of soulful Ghazals by Padma Shree Dr. Soma Ghosh, Ust. Ahmed Hussain & Ust. Mohammad Hussain. Indeed the mehfil rendered the audience speechless because the songs sung were sung straight from the heart….the impact was such that on public demand, Dr Ghosh had to sing on the next day !

Says Dr Ghosh, “I am overjoyed to be blessed with my music lovers! Today I have once again realized the importance of what Naushadji had said about Roohdari singing.

In 2002, the legendary music director, Janab Naushad Ali was in attendance at Dr Soma Ghosh’s first jugalbandi/duet concert with Bharat Ratna Ust. Bismillah Khan. Later, he came to back stage to the green room and congratulated them and said, “Somaji, I have discovered after decades, the Rooh of Begum Akhtar, her soul in your singing. please do not let the true art of singing Ghazals die, let Ghazals continue to emanate from one’s soul, bring ‘Ghazala’- the cry of the doe back to Ghazal singing.”

“I am glad to dedicate this concert to Naushadji, trying to fulfil the promise that I made to him.” says Dr Ghosh today.


True to her commitment to give stage to rising talents in the country through her NGO Madhu Murchhana, on 23rd Dr Soma Ghosh along with Shri Vivek & Roli Prakash and Shri Mithilesh Lucknowi performed and presented exquisite soulful Ghazals. The audience were enthralled at the variety of Ghazals presented on the day! The next day on the 24th, Dr Soma Ghosh returned to the stage on the request of her listeners. She was preceded by Shri Satyam Anand jee, another rising disciple of Shri Anup Jalotaji, who gave the audience a crisp rendition of a new Ghazal written by Shri Madan Palji, that depicted and personified the essence of ‘Ghazal’. Satyamji also paid tribute to Shri Jagjit Singhji by singing his immortal songs.

The evening reached its zenith with the ‘Roohani’ renderings by Ust. Ahmed Hussain & Ust Mohammad Hussain, who sang some of their famous and very popular Ghazals. There was a loud applause with every ‘Sher’ that the two Ustads said and the audience thoroughly cherished their performance-they did not want the evening to end!

The Programme was Presented by MADHU MURCHHANA and  FILMS TODAY and  sponsored by The Ministry of Culture, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Union Bank of India, State Bank of India and Bank of India.