Heena Panchal Photoshoot while doing Workout in Gym

The present generation is very obsessed with working out and following diet in order to keep fit and have a healthy body, the perks of which is a good look as well. Celebrities all over the world are one level more obsessed than others in order to keep their body toned as they have to look very appealing on screen. Bollywood is even more obsessed with lean toned body for actresses and six pack abs for actors. Due to the competition and the urge to look good, the actresses are constantly seen working out and losing weight so as to fit into those itsy bitsy bikini and look super-hot on the big screen.

Since they are also role models to a number of youth fans around the world, the pressure to look good is more. Model come actress Heena Panchal is the ones who set an example and showed their obsession to fitness.

Now whether it is strength training or cardio, Pilates, Weight Lifting or yoga, Heena Panchal include distinctive types of exercise in their workout plan to stay in shape and stay healthy.  Heena has so far has danced in item songs in several films including Ae Raja, Mohalle Mein Hookah, Bevda-Bevda, Raju O Raju, Takmak Takmak. Choreographer Saroj Khan once said about Heena – “I am giving Bollywood a new dancing diva and skilled dancer.”

———Pigeon Media- (Abhishek Dubey PRO)