Archana Tomer and Being Tusshar Dhaliwal introducing Nisha Chaddha Mallya

N I S H A     M A L L Y A

Entrepreneur, Believer, Dreamer

As the inspirational Gloria Steinem once said, “Don’t think about making women fit the world — think about making the world fit women.”

Growing up as a little girl in a beautiful country like India, I channeled my strong values and principles to chase my dreams of becoming a woman with a vision, integrity and vitality, who always thinks like a queen – a queen who is not afraid to fail.

As a dreamer and an achiever, I have worked hard towards becoming an entrepreneur, but I cherish my role as a wife and a mother the most. However, I do strive to give my best to both my personal and professional life and be a Superwoman like the women who inspire me.

I completed my early education and later received a Post-Graduation Degree from the University of Delhi. My passion for clothing led to my choice of career — being a fashion designer. To excel in the industry, I earned a Diploma in Fashion Designing and sure enough, with my ardent efforts, I successfully launched my private label Vastra in 2009, showcasing trendsetting casual and formal lines of clothing for bold and beautiful women.

I live in London with my loving husband and a beautiful son. I love spending my free time in schools helping to support the tiny tots become achievers. With all that is happening in the world today, it is imperative that we raise our children to empathize with each other and become global citizens of the world.

To think, love and live beyond geographies, it is important that we take steps to explore and understand different cultures. I love travelling to new places and mingling with the locals to develop a connection with them; exploring different cuisines is just an exciting plus. Dancing gives me a high and is something I always enjoy.

Recently crowned as “Mrs. India Universe Platinum 2017”, and bestowed with the title of “Mrs. Beautiful-2017”has brought me closer to my motto to empower women and help children, by supporting various awareness campaigns for social causes. I’ve always believed that every challenge is a learning opportunity and one has nothing to lose – either you win, or you learn and my recent achievement, reinforced my belief. “Mrs India Universe” event was very well helmed and crafted by Ms. Archana Tomer and Mr. Tusshar Dhaliwal, in Udaipur on October 27, 2017. This win for me is a huge responsibility, a lot more than just winning a competition. This pioneer platform has provided me with great exposure and opened horizons for me to achieve my goals.

Mrs. India Universe was a comprehensive event that lasted for 6 days in the city of lakes, Udaipur. The organizers brought in a pool of renowned specialists – yoga experts, personality development specialists, nutritionists and fashion experts to groom the talented contestants. It was a wonderful and memorable experience for me, the fact that I got to make some long-lasting memories, in addition to learning the best of things from the experts and the fellow participants. Off course, winning the pageant and taking home two crowns was a cherry on the cake. Hard work pays off indeed!

This pageant was launched with a mission to create more opportunities, build confidence amongst Indian women, achieve excellence in specialized fields, community projects and inspire more women to come forward to support the Indian community in various ways.

Long story short, my journey so far has been no less than a fairy tale that reminds me of my purpose in life – to live each day to the fullest and spread happiness to everyone I meet. For me, being able to make a small wave in bringing a universal change to this world, through mutual love and care, is soul-satisfying.

I firmly believe that “When there are no ceilings, the sky is the limit.”